Freo proud to embrace Sorry Day: Lyon

Ross Lyon has expressed his pride in seeing Fremantle embrace National Sorry Day and the Indigenous community.

Speaking at his weekly media conference in Perth, the Freo senior coach wore the purple Sorry Day flower, which is the national symbol for the Stolen Generations across Australia.

It aims to create awareness of the removal policy that affected many families,people and cultural groups.

Without being prompted by journalists, Lyon interrupted questions about football to point out the flower and highlight the significance of Sorry Day to Australian society.

“I’ve got the purple flower on and I really want to acknowledge Sorry Day, the Stolen Generations and its continuing impact on those families and the community over several decades,” he told the assembled media.

“We are really thrilled as a club that we can embrace Sorry Day and we will have some activities during the week where we are really embracing the Indigenous community.

“On behalf of the club to the Indigenous community, the purple flower promotes healing and compassion and I’m fully on board with that and our whole club is.”

The senior coach said the club had eight Indigenous players, including key drivers in the Indigenous community such as Michael Johnson, Stephen Hill, Michael Walters and Danyle Pearce.

Johnson’s stepfather was part of the Stolen Generations.

“They sit at the top echelon of our club and they will continue to drive our club and be role models for the Indigenous community,” Lyon said.

“It’s fantastic to see them together.”

A proud Indigenous history at Freo

Lyon added Indigenous players shared a special common bond.

“When you are a minority group and you have been through real adversity over generations there is going to be a common bond,” he said.

“Fortunately the AFL and Australian Rules is a torch bearer for equality, justice and compassion.”

This week’s round of action will mark AFL Indigenous Round in which every club will wear an Indigenous Round jumper.

Fremantle’s 2014 Indigenous Round jumper is the clash version of last year’s home jumper, which this year features the Stolen Generation Commemorative Flower above three boomerangs.

For more information please visit the Fremantle Football Club website


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